Full Moon Dinner

We drive to the full moon especially for you in the evening with our steam locomotive to the Rothorn and back to Brienz. Experience the very special atmosphere already during the train journey: the night breaks in slowly, the world darkens. Only the glow of the big, round moon serves as light in the sky. In the restaurant Rothorn Kulm you can enjoy a delicious three-course dinner and the view over the lights of the villages around Lake Brienz. After the meal our engineer will drive you safely through the night from the Rothorn back to Brienz.

Sunday, 5 July 2020
Monday, 3 August 2020
Wednesday, 2 September 2020
Thursday, 1 October 2020

18.45 h Departure from Brienz
19.45 h Arrival at Rothorn Kulm
Dinner at the Berghaus Rothorn Kulm
22.15 h Departure from Rothorn Kulm
23.15 h Arrival in Brienz

Price per person Fr. 79.00 (train journey including dinner). No culmination with half-fare or GA. No further benefits.

We gladly accept your reservation via email or 033 952 22 22. Please indicate your menu choice at the reservation.

TIP: The ibexes on Rothorn Kulm will certainly not miss this atmosphere and you will have the opportunity to get close to these proud animals within a few meters. Do not forget the camera!

Green Salad with House-Dressing
Roastbeef with
Baked potato and Chive-Sourcream Sauce and
Ice cream with whipped cream

Green Salad with House-Dressing
Porcini Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan
Ice cream with whipped cream

«The view from Rothorn over lake Brienz is just magical every time»

Jeff Kneubühler

«Always checking the pressure carefully - otherwise it can be critical and we will have an unplanned stop»

Ueli Fischer

«The view down to Brienz and the beautiful lake from the tunnel-windows is just breathtaking»

Guido Schumacher

«There is no other place on earth I would rather be»

Maja Schürch

«The train, the mountains and the lake- nothing else missing that you would like»

Sabrina Kurt

«Don't listen to the weather forecast- every day is special here.»

Hannes Lüthy

«Enjoying the sunset on the terrace of our mountain hotel is like dreaming with open eyes.»

Monika Tuschy
Mountain Hotel and Station Brienz

«My job is out of the ordinary. Visit me and I'll show you!»

Roland Wenger
Station Rothorn Kulm

«Wether sun, rain or snow: there is always something exciting to see»

Marco Mäder
Track maintenance

«A wonderful trainride from the bottom to the top.»

Heri Heimann

«Even after 100 rides- you always discover something new.»

Rosmarie Neiger

«A ride with our steam train is an experience of technical and scenic delights.»

Martin Biber
Conducteur and Guide

«We take care of our tracks.»

Peter Thomann
Track maintenance

«The BRB never gives up.»

Beat Leuenberger

«Every ride is unique- I enjoy it every time!»

Andreas von Allmen

«Steam and smoke do not only bring my heart lough!»

Stefanie Aebersold

«The whole packet- the train, the mountains, the people and the animals- guarantees an unforgettable experience.»

Rahel Furrer

«With diesel, fuel oil or coal - we drive for the guest's well-being.»

Lieni Pitschi

«With the steam train as 125 years ago on top of the Brienzer Rothorn - up there almost whole Switzerland lays down to your feet»

Peter Flück
Board of Directors

«Every ride on the Brienzer Rothorn is unique, impressive and different. Pure pleasure - soul gasoline.»

Katrin Nägeli-Lüthi
Board of Directors

«Our steam train - a matter of the heart»

Karin Grossmann
Administration Management Services

«With tradition in the future.»

Ueli Zimmermann
Head of operation

«Nature, History, Technology and "the fireplace always up front"»

Kurt Amacher

«Since 1892 only income in the summer season. A big challenge but very exciting!»

Pascal Suter
Head of Management Services

«I love my job!»

Thomas Trachsel

«After the trip to the Rothorn, the beautiful view over the turquoise blue Lake Brienz awaits me - simply brilliant

Thomas Germann

«A shovel at Kobi Peters' house lasts until the first kilometer.»

Chrigel Flück

«I have the most beautiful job when the weather is nice and the guests are in a good mood.»

Thomas Brunner


Brienz Rothorn Bahn AG
3855 Brienz
Tel. +41 (0)33 952 22 22
E-Mail: info(at)brb.ch