You will like this Hike.

Offering a variety of short and longer trails, the Brienzer Rothorn is ideal for both seasoned mountaineers and relaxed hikers. Those who like it comfortable may wish to arrive by steam train. But the peak trail connecting the mountain station at 2244 metres above sea level with the Rothorn’s summit at 2350 meters is easily manageable for less athletic visitors too.

And the panorama from the top is truly something else: Provided the weather plays along, you have an unobstructed view of everything from Central Switzerland’s Alps, including Pilatus, Rigi and Titlis, and the mighty four-thousand-metre-plus peaks of the Bernese Alps, above all Eiger Mönch and Jungfrau, all the way to the Chasseral in the Swiss Jura Mountains. On a clear day you should be able to see no fewer than 693 peaks – count them! This view alone makes the ride on our steam train worthwile.

A small request: When hiking our trails, please show respect for the animals and your fellow visitors and refrain from littering.

And a word of advice: Rothorn area hikes are no mere strolls. Trails marked in red and white are only for hikers in good shape equipped with weatherproof clothing and appropriate footwear, i.e. hiking boots!

NumberRouteHiking time
1.Brienzer Rothorn → Schönbühl → Turren (→ Lungern)3 h (5 h)
2.Brienzer Rothorn → Brünigpass5 h
3.Brienzer Rothorn → Planalp2.30 h
4.Planalp → Brienz2.30 h
5.Brienzer Rothorn → Lättgässli → Chruterenpass → Planalp2.45 h
6.Planalp → Mettli → Brienz2 h
Edelweissweg15 Min

Do you know our Hiking Ticket?

First you take a relaxing three-section train ride, and then you hike the fourth section. Example: Brienz → Planalp → Rothorn train ride / Rothorn → Planalp hike / Planalp → Brienz train ride. You can choose which section you’d like to hike; this won’t affect the validity of your ticket.

Price per person in CHF1/11/2Children
Hiking Ticket74.0037.000.00

«The whole packet- the train, the mountains, the people and the animals- guarantees an unforgettable experience.»

Rahel Furrer
Conductor and Marketing

«With diesel, fuel oil or coal - we drive for the guest's well-being.»

Lieni Pitschi

«With the steam train as 125 years ago on top of the Brienzer Rothorn - up there almost whole Switzerland lays down to your feet»

Peter Flück
Board of Directors

«Every ride on the Brienzer Rothorn is unique, impressive and different. Pure pleasure - soul gasoline.»

Katrin Nägeli-Lüthi
Board of Directors

«Our steam train - a matter of the heart»

Karin Grossmann
Administration Management Services

«Welcome, to Switzerland's favourite mountain railway!»

Mike Ellis
Authorised Sales Representative

«With tradition in the future.»

Ueli Zimmermann

«Nature, History, Technology and "the fireplace always up front"»

Kurt Amacher

«Since 1892 only income in the summer season. A big challenge but very exciting!»

Pascal Suter
Head of Management Services

«I love my job!»

Thomas Trachsel

«After the trip to the Rothorn, the beautiful view over the turquoise blue Lake Brienz awaits me - simply brilliant

Thomas Germann

«A shovel at Kobi Peters' house lasts until the first kilometer.»

Chrigel Flück

«125 years old and yet fresh, youthful and all set up.»

Eva Amacher
Sales Representative

«Working at the BRB is nice, diversified and in the nature.»

Fritz Blatter

«I have the most beautiful job when the weather is nice and the guests are in a good mood.»

Thomas Brunner

«The most beautiful mountain railway, the most beloved way to experience a mountain with muse and soulful ease

Simon Koller

«Historic cultural heritage with lots of steam and smoke, an unforgettable experience

Linda Mathys
Guest support