Our BRB Team

Pascal Suter, Daniel Schädeli, Bruno Zurbuchen

Administration management
Karin Fischer

Rahel Furrer

Dominique Horne, Markus Geisseler

Guest care
Martin Biber

HR Department
Andrea Bangerter

Hans-Peter Dütsch, Martin Fankhauser, Lukas Jaggi, Markus Zobrist

Station Brienz  / Rothorn Kulm
Romana Feuz, Petra Muther, Roland Wenger, Vivienne Niedermann, Ueli Zimmermann,

Engineer / Heater
Roger Abegglen, Kurt Amacher, Ueli Fischer, Chrigel Flück, Thomas Germann, Beat Leuenberger, Thomas Müller, Lieni Pitschi, Tim Ritschard, Thomas Trachsel, Dominik Wyss

Stefanie Aebersold, Thomas Brunner, Ruedi Gautschi, Heri Heimann, Jeff Kneubühler, Rosmarie Neiger, Andreas von Allmen, Irène Wernli

Our Berghaus-Team

Sandra McClure

Boncova Danka, Gheorghe Elena Florica, Kohutovic Milan, Lirgg René, Maro Milan, Mc Clure Christopher, Schwarzentruber Yolanda, Vikartovska Barbora, Viilik Kristjan, Wenger Filomena

«A trip up to Rothorn is a must with multiple pleasures!»

Markus Geisseler

«A delicious Rothorn rösti on the terrace with a wonderful view over the lake. Simply satisfied.»

Daniel Schädeli
Head of infrastructure

«The desserts at the mountain hotel - mhhh they are delicious.»

Bruno Zurbuchen
Head of roll material

«With our train to the most beautiful hiking area.»

Ruedi Gautschi

«Let others work and ride the steam train! Have a good trip, a beautiful day, with the best view.»

Irène Wernli
Counter Brienz

«The mighty mountain range, the rich nature and the unique Lake Brienz - you can see it all at the Brienz Rothorn Railway.»

Vivienne Niedermann
Counter Brienz

«The view from Rothorn over lake Brienz is just magical every time»

Jeff Kneubühler

«Always checking the pressure carefully - otherwise it can be critical and we will have an unplanned stop»

Ueli Fischer
Train driver

«My job is out of the ordinary. Visit me and I'll show you!»

Roland Wenger
Station Rothorn Kulm

«A wonderful trainride from the bottom to the top.»

Heri Heimann

«Even after 100 rides- you always discover something new.»

Rosmarie Neiger

«A ride with our steam train is an experience of technical and scenic delights.»

Martin Biber
Guest care

«The BRB never gives up.»

Beat Leuenberger

«Every ride is unique- I enjoy it every time!»

Andreas von Allmen

«Steam and smoke do not only bring my heart lough!»

Stefanie Aebersold

«The railway, the mountains, the people and the animals - all this guarantees an unforgettable experience.»

Rahel Furrer

«With diesel, fuel oil or coal - we drive for the guest's well-being.»

Lieni Pitschi

«With the steam train as 125 years ago on top of the Brienzer Rothorn - up there almost whole Switzerland lays down to your feet»

Peter Flück
Board of Directors

«Every ride on the Brienzer Rothorn is unique, impressive and different. Pure pleasure - soul gasoline.»

Katrin Nägeli-Lüthi
Board of Directors

«With tradition in the future.»

Ueli Zimmermann
Head of operation

«Nature, History, Technology and "the fireplace always up front"»

Kurt Amacher

«Since 1892 only income in the summer season. A big challenge but very exciting!»

Pascal Suter
Head of Management Services

«I love my job!»

Thomas Trachsel

«After the trip to the Rothorn, the beautiful view over the turquoise blue Lake Brienz awaits me - simply brilliant

Thomas Germann

«A shovel at Kobi Peters' house lasts until the first kilometer.»

Chrigel Flück

«I have the most beautiful job when the weather is nice and the guests are in a good mood.»

Thomas Brunner